George Moore

I am currently developing a new research project in which I am applying pragmatic theory in the neo-Gricean tradition to the analysis of the re-writings of the Irish novelist George Moore.

Moore re-wrote many of his major works extensively, both before and after publication. I am particularly interested in his post-publication re-writings, and in questions about what they can tell us about changes in literary style and in the projected relationship between narrator and reader.

To date, this work has been developed in a series of talks and presentations:

‘”She only remembered occasionally that she was a woman”: Implicature, subjectivity and gender identity in George Moore’s Albert Nobbs‘, Panel on Pragmatic Approaches to Literary Analysis, International Pragmatics Conference. Forthcoming, July 2017.

‘Implicature and style in George Moore’s The Lake’, Workshop on implicature at the Collaborative Research Centre, Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen, Germany. Forthcoming, November 2016.

‘“The book has begun to read very agreeably”: The pragmatics of literary rewriting’, Plenary Lecturer at the Annual International Conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), University of Kent. July 2015.

‘Pragmatics as an approach to textual revision’, Centre for Language and Linguistics Studies, University of Kent. April 2014.

‘“Through that baize door”: Consciousness and the narrative of otherness in George Moore’s Esther Waters’, Nineteenth-Century Aetiologies, Exoticism & Multimodal Aesthetics Embodiments, University of Liverpool. April 2013.

‘George Moore’s revisions of Esther Waters: A Neo-Gricean Reading’, International Poetics and Linguistics Association and French Société de Stylistique Anglaise Joint conference: Stylistics – Anglo-French Perspectives, University of Huddersfield. June 2012.

I am currently working on developing this into a book project.



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