L. Susan Stebbing

I have just signed a contract with Palgrave Macmillan to write a book based on my current research project on the British analytic philosopher Susan Stebbing. Here is a very brief account of why I am interested in Stebbing.

11 thoughts on “L. Susan Stebbing”

  1. If you want biographical information. I have just finished writing a biography of Cyril Joad who was great friend of Stebbing, and I would happy to answer any questions arising from my research.

      1. Thanks for the update, Tony. I have ordered your book and I’m looking forward to reading it.

      2. Dear Tony Judge

        I am now reading your book on Cyril Joad, and have some questions to ask if I may.

        I cannot find your email address, so I’m hoping you might read this request via Siobhan’s site here.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Richard. It seems from Tony’s book that Stebbing and Joad were near neighbours in London for a number of years, and that Joad sought her opinion on his work fairly often. I agree that the intellectual and personal relationship between the two is potentially interesting.

      1. May I ask, Siobhan, if there are any references to Maud Matthews or Ellen Wilkinson in Tony’s book?

        Having problems getting this book at the moment.


  2. Both get brief mentions – Matthews as a friend Joad made fairly late in his life who subsequently ‘gave up her work as a schoolteacher to look after him until the end’ (p. 240) and Wilkinson as an MP who appeared on the Brains Trust and, during a discussion of doodling on the walls of telephone kiosks, ‘speaking in what seems a strangely affected accent to modern ears said that doodling took place in the House of Commons even by members of the government like Churchill and Attlee’ (p. 181).

    1. Thanks for that Siobahn.

      I can’t help but wonder how instrumental Susan Stebbing was in securing Cyril Joad’s job at Birkbeck in 1930 (Head of Philosophy & Psychology) – they were close neighbours in Hampstead London NW3 – Squires Mount/Joad – Belsize Park/Stebbing.

      She clearly ‘made things happen’ (eg with Carnap & Popper)

      A remarkable woman.

      I look forward to your book.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and also for the link to the post on the New Apps blog. I found the post and the discussion that followed it very interesting.

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